Scene Canvassing: Tupac Lagerfeld Dali c/o Alec Monopoly

Slates and palettes, vision and vices as brick and mortar of Angeles the spectacular urban palace …


Media makes for a most marvelous canvas …


when the world muses as such…

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Words, lines, scribes, eyes, Sunset below the artisan’s guise …

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Tupac Shakur …


… thug life, lime light, California love, Gotham in hindsight … muted magnanimity, press plastered prophecy


Karl Lagerfeld…


Vogue, Chanel, pose, channel… shade forever thrown, gaze universally shown, the mind the shine, the face – so poker… the judge, the jury, la mode’s the joker.



Salvador Dali …


doesn’t do drugs, drugs are he … time melt, mind meld, paint the scene _–_~ surrealistically…


pastiche c/o Alec Monopoly

protection c/o Bruisa


new watchers… #watchus

wax on … wax off #andscene



OP: 04.12.2015

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