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Scene Canvassing: Oli Holmes’ “… Downtime,” “Paper Graffiti”

Oli Holmes is an artist by medium of craft installation and illustration, global citizen by way of Sydney #auslandwizardry and sheer creative by destined decree. Behind the monkier of Electric Puppet, Holmes crafts miniature masterpieces, subtle second glances, and pop portraitures with a fresh perspective.


I love that with Oli’s work, the world is his coloring book, the sidewalk is his sandbox studio.


His “… Downtime” illustrations dissolve the fourth wall between the spectator and celebrity, and are aesthetically captivating in a way that is refreshingly inviting – a half-smile and open hand, in a creative playground otherwise overrun with sideglances and tight fists.

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“Paper Graffiti” is whimsical in a fast-paced hyperreality. It shares a moment of your time and rewinds; allows you to focus for however long you need on the familiar stranger of a paper doll. The simplicity is the beautiful truth in the project; that no matter where you go, there’s a face you’ll know beyond McStarbucks, just around the corner, all across the globe.

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OP: 02.11.2014


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Personified amalgam of 1987, Baltimore, Atlanta, DC, Manhattan, London, Los Angeles and American pop culture. Language artist within a capacity, drummer by passion, Pop savant by preordination, Media Master by dictate of scholastic artisans and scientists, and culture scribe by necessity. I freelance life.

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