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Mood Muse: Wes Montgomery

Mr. Wes is in the building…


Don’t worry about reading… enjoy the sounds, and focus your mind on nothing more than the natural exchange of simply breathing… just settle down, calm your nerves, and fall into the rhythmic splendor that is Wes Montgomery’s swelteringly smooth mood… A day in the life of the sonic summertime Cyrano, right around midnight…


It’s impossible for me to feel like there’s only one way to do a thing. There’s nothing wrong with having one way of doing it, but I think it’s a bad habit. I believe in range. Like, there’s a lot of tunes that I play all the time-sometimes I hear ’em in a different register. And if you don’t have complete freedom, or you won’t let yourself get away from that one straight line, oh, my goodness, that’s too horrible to even think about.

“If a jazz player is really playing, the classical player will have to respect him.”



OP: 04.24.2011

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Personified amalgam of 1987, Baltimore, Atlanta, DC, Manhattan, London, Los Angeles and American pop culture. Language artist within a capacity, drummer by passion, Pop savant by preordination, Media Master by dictate of scholastic artisans and scientists, and culture scribe by necessity. I freelance life.

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