Mood Musik: Distriction Nightcap

And the sun is beyond set, far below the horizon; yet the lights are just hitting peak illumination. The second wind arrives in full force as the city comes alive. The sixtieth minute of bliss fades further into memory, time and space lose meaning. After happy hour ends the clock stops running and past nor future hold stock against the eternal present.


Social lubrication eases the lingering loungers’ focus from bar to DJ booth, they dance as if no one is watching. No drink seems like the last until you’re halfway between the dancefloor and a friendly stranger’s futon. The night is capped and all that awaits is morning. Now the city lights fade as the sun peeks its crest over the skyline and cycle begins again…


sidenote(s): All ESL artists for this list. A bit all over the place, but after Happy Hour ends, the ones who stay at the bar usually are, too. So, a nightcap; the halfway point between “the dancefloor and the futon.” For what it’s worth — enjoi.


Ursula 1000 – Kinda’ Kinky
(Kinda’ Kinky/ 2002 )
Nickodemus – Desert Dancer
(Buddha-Bar, Vol. IV/ 2002)
Thievery Corporation –The Cosmic Game
(The Cosmic Game/ 2005)
Ursula 1000 – Nightcap
(Kinda’ Kinky/ 2002)
Federico Aubele – Esta Noche
(Gran Hotel Buenos Aires/ 2004)
Thievery Corporation – Until the Morning
(The Richest Man in Babylon/ 2002)


OP: 07.27.2008

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