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Mood : Ring :: “Strange Fruition”

mood: coffee in the canyon, high tea on the hills… sunrise over silhouettes … c/o @theblakhat @wrdsmth, #murdoc “hollywood has been resting on its laurels far too long.”


ring: baptize your mind, let your brain take a bath; swim inside the river, get delivered from the craft, of the witches in the business living off your sad; baiting on your happiness, you hit ‘em off with laughs, smile ‘til they surrender, then you will ‘em off with glad. hello scene world, i’m back…

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now playing: “strange fruition,” lupe fiasco

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Personified amalgam of 1987, Baltimore, Atlanta, DC, Manhattan, London, Los Angeles and American pop culture. Language artist within a capacity, drummer by passion, Pop savant by preordination, Media Master by dictate of scholastic artisans and scientists, and culture scribe by necessity. I freelance life.

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