Mood Musik: Shadow’s Cast

“To light a candle is to cast a shadow.”
~ Ursula K. LeGuin, A Wizard of Earthsea ~


Shuffled up a steady set from the archives … vinyl-tinged spins from analogue-sampled trips and well-aged hops, some downtempo chillwave, splash of low-fi baroque, echoes of the ambient social conscience coast along the crest, deep rhythmic blues and pure percussive soul … somewhere between East Coast concrete sensibility and West Coast halcyon harmony, Josh Davis’ aural mood cast its shadow on a rewind remind of yesteryear’s signature street euphony … fwiw, a tonal taste of #nowplaying circa 2008: c/o Mr. Put-A-Smile-On-Your-Face-Like-Ultra-Brite … it’s, it’s, it’s: DJ Shadow:


And I would like to able to continue to let what is inside of me – which is, which comes from all the music that I hear – I would like for that to come out; and it’s like, it’s not really me that’s coming… The music’s coming through me… The music’s coming through me…

“Shadow understands the nature of the sample: that he is a hub, a crux, a medium for the message – that the music comes through him; that his most powerful presence is as a promulgator and channel…”


DJ Shadow – Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
(Endtroducing. . . . ./ 1996)
Bonobo – Wayward Bob
(Dial M For Monkey/ 2003)
DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part 4)
(Endtroducing. . . . ./ 1996)
Daedelus – Femme Fatale
(A Gent Agent/ 2004)
DJ Shadow – Six Days
(The Private Press/ 2002)
Radiohead – The Gloaming (DJ Shadow Remix)
(Would You Buy A War From This Man? 7″/ 2004)
DJ Shadow – Fixed Income (Remix)
(The Private Press/ 2002)
Aceyalone – Forward
(A Book of Human Language/ 1998)
DJ Shadow – In/Flux
(Preemptive Strike/ 1998)
Aceyalone & RJD2 – A Beautiful Mine
(Mad Men: Music from the Series, Vol. 1/ 2008)
DJ Shadow – Best Foot Forward (Teeko Remix)
(Endtroducing… Re-Imagined/ 2016)


* * *


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