Mood : Ring :: “Episodic by Design”

mood: mulling backlot blueprints and future movements with sirens, maestros, and capped crusaders

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ring: get up and shake it up, listen up, hear the call, at night you’re on fire, back against the wall; don’t stop, try to make your mark, and make up your mind — randy get yourself together, when you know you’re alive, when you know it’s time, when you know you’ve arrived …


… spunk and old cartoons, liquid tv afternoons, the satellite that sits in frame to illuminate this shaded place, the universe never steered me wrong, the universe never lied, duly in my essence, eye have arrived, parallel to paradise, the angels laugh in paradise, they say eye am my own lifeline, look in you, tap into the frequency 

* * *

now playing: “season 2 episode 3, randy by design;” justice, glass animals, kid cudi

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