Circuit 2011: Little Boots’ Shake Until Your Heart Breaks

So, spinning retrospective… the solar cycle rounds a sampling of rotations past two-thousand Anno Domini … from where I vantage, London calls, snow falls, and once upon a December nocturne stroll, cobblestone rumbles, and so I stumble upon a warehouse happening diffusing pure tempo …

lbslp i

The Siren: Victoria “Little Boots” Hesketh

The Sound: Neo-Disco Electro-synth Brit-Pop

The Scene: Black and Gold, Blue-eyed synth soul… Lights, Camera, Passion in an East London Secret Warehouse… Half rave cave, half Factory foyer… Shake it ’til you make it, then make it shake… While you’re at it: shake it ’til your heart breaks and deluges limitless sonic sublime across the scape…

lbslp ii

Disco… is far from dead… it lives vibrantly beneath the rotating kaleidoscopic globe, on the faces of glitter-bombed beat fiends, in the veins of pioneering DJs, and in the soles of London’s littlest pair of boots… on and on and on the beat goes…

Little Boots. is. the. truth. The truth wrapped up in some sort of boho-patterned porcelain pixie figure, with fingers of fantastic rhythm… not the kind of rhythm you sync-and-cue up for technical precision… the kind of rhythm that beats to the metronomic soul… it’s beyond splendid to dance in the suspension of instant nostalgia… living in the cerebral perfection of the seventies as you imagine they would be… four on the 54th studio’s floor, from dusk of the eleventh hour to the dawn of 2012…

lbslp iii

Watch This Space: Lights dim while we’re dancin’, vinyl spins while we’re trancin’ in this disco heaven… courtesy of the Dalston maven…

lbslp iv

Photo Credit: Billa Baldwin


OP: 12.04.2011

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