langue  (läng), n. :

  1. language viewed abstractly as a system of forms and conventions used for communication in a community
  2. the linguistic system shared by the members of a community

pop /pɑp/ , n. :

  1. to be or become striking or prominent
  2. of or relating to the popular culture disseminated through the mass media
  3. having, using, or imitating themes or techniques characteristic of pop art


Lingua Pop is a Millennial Pop denizen’s periodical: long and short-form pieces exploring sentiments and scopes of the niche shared-language within said scene culture, active record in-and-of the contemporary atmosphere.

Effectually, LP is a collection of Millennial Pop denizen observations, conveying cultural expression of a contemporary human condition; discursive musings and profiles on music, culture, and arts by-way-of pastiche editorial form.

Reviews, reprises, riffs and revivals on parade.