for score: kenosis flows, alchemist rose … in search of duende

the artist journeys along a mellow metronomic road, a compass echoes from the lips of alchemy’s chalice, as an emerald turntable beckons sonic guidance to its mystic maestro … the angel and muse accompany in tune, hovering just beyond both shoulders … this voyage defines, in rhythm and rhyme, a creator’s indelible signature on the… :: Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool

Whatever it was that N.E.R.D. was in search of: Lupe Fiasco found with his 2007 release The Cool. What is Cool? Cool is a living contradiction. Lupe adopts the nature of the cool, through and through; rather than avoid the gilded crux of our modern phantasm, Fiasco clutches to it like an insomniac and the…

Mood : Ring :: “Strange Fruition”

mood: coffee in the canyon, high tea on the hills… sunrise over silhouettes … c/o @theblakhat @wrdsmth, #murdoc “hollywood has been resting on its laurels far too long.”

YinMotif: Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer

Dirty Computer … this synesthetic venture through the ArchAndroid’s akashic record, despite any and all attempts at erasure, remains an impenetrable audio-visualized experience of the rogue post-robotic mediatrix’s life lived … to the fullest extralegal extent of natural order. This record, feels like excavation, reveals by vivisection, and establishes through manifest reverie, Monáe’s living mnemonic…